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Re: [MOL] Just found you!!!

Judith, sounds like an angel - I mean the genuine article.  God does things 
like that.  It happened to my best friend a long time ago.  Her 2nd son was 
in Phillie Children's Hosp w/ a rare infection that attacked his blood 
vessels and shut down the circulation to his extremnities (sp?).  He (John) 
was only about 2-3 mos old, had been born on Good Friday that year.  He was 
one of only 30 people in the world who ever had that illness and all the 
adults died, all the children were left without any limbs.  I contacted two 
people from my prayer group (the Clairol thing), they called two, who in turn 
called two...and we prayed nearly around the clock.

Meanwhile Joan (the Mom) was driving from her home to the hosp and was 
stopped at a stop sign.  She waited for an elderly man to cross before she 
was ready to go. But he stopped at her window and handed her not one, but two 
4-leaf-clovers.  Joan's "IRISH" heart cried - she IS Irish.  Then the man 
said to her, "These are for you."  She said, "Oh....I always wanted a 
4-leaf-clover."  The man smiled and said, "I know.  Don't worry; he will be 
fine."  To this day, she never found out who the man was!  He never said, 
"your son will be fine," only "...HE will be fine."  Somehow he knew!  Today 
John is 24 years old, in fine health (though he did lose the first digits of 
several fingers, but the blue in his toes reversed in the hospital) and 
studying to be a Moravian minister!!!!  He has suffered some learning 
disabilities that may be related, but nothing that holds him back.  For years 
he had a brain and heart aneurism, but they have disappeared through the 
years!  And Joan has a letter in the doctor's own handwriting that says, 
"...we can only contribute this to a miracle."   -chris
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