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[MOL] Hello again

Hello my friends,

I had to log off MOL for a while due to several trips but I'm going to be 
home for the next month or so and would like to catch up with all of you.

For those of you who remember, my nephew Tommy was diagnosed with AML one 
year ago this past week.  He has been through his initial round of chemo, a 
consolidation round of chemo, a relapse and another round of chemo.  He was 
scheduled for a bone marrow transplant in February of this year but the donor 
backed out at the last minute.  He relapsed shortly after that, so it seems 
that if they had done the transplant at that time it might have turned out 
very badly for him.  But you know us... we always look for the silver lining! 
 He is still waiting for a match.  

The very, very good news is he is still in remission.  He finished with his 
last round of chemo right around Easter of this year and has been in 
remission since then.  We are very happy about this!!!  He has a pesky 
infection in his liver and spleen that they can't seem to get rid of.  He 
will be scheduled for surgery sometime in the next two weeks to remove his 
spleen.  The Docs are thinking that his spleen is the source of the infection 
and if they take it out they will be able to a) rx exactly what the infection 
is, and b) get rid of it completely in his liver.  They won't be able to do a 
BMT until this problem is solved.

I hope all is well with my MOL friends.  Let me know how you are all doing... 
 I've sure missed you all!

Your friend,  Kathy Q
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