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Re: [MOL] Lung cancer...need some info please!


I have a very dear friend that was recently diagnosed with stage IIIb lung 
cancer.  It has spread to his lymph nodes.  His wife, sister and I all 
researched the internet and feel that Duke University's lung cancer unit is 
the very best.  He is there now in a clinical study.  He receives radiation 5 
days a week and chemo 3 times a week.  I do not currently have a list of the 
3 drugs used for chemo, but one of the newer drugs being used is Navelbine.  
It has shown great response rates when used in combination therapy.  He has 
just finished his third week of treatment.  The only side effects so far have 
been some fatigue and a sore throat.  We are taking turns going down there to 
stay with him for one week rotations, which is working out very well.  I get 
to go there in two weeks.  I think they are accepting stage IV patients for 
this study as well.  I pray for you both, and wish you the best.  You can do 
a search on the internet by going into a search engine and typing in what you 
are looking for.
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