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Re: [MOL] Just found you!!!

In a message dated 09/29/2000 10:27:55 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
DMEADOWS@Personnel.Utah.Edu writes:

> Hi everyone!
>  I am just taking a quick moment to say hello to you. I just ran across
>  this site as I am about to leave my office.  I have to leave right now,
>  but I definitely will be back very soon! 

Hello, Di -- believe it or not, you've found the BEST cancer support group on 
the web - I know; I looked seemingly forever before another member directed 
me here!  You're NOT alone!  Though my father has a diff type of cancer he 
has survived now two years w/ lung cancer and is 77 yrs. old.  He endured 
surgery, chemo & radiation, then thalidomide, but IT WORKS, Di.  In my 
father's case it has returned again, but this time both he and the doc are 
more optimistic as it has been caught at such a tiny size it's barely visible 
- originally it was the size of a walnut and had spread to his other lung.  
God bless you and keep you both; you will receive many prayers from the 
people on this board.  -chris
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