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[MOL] Soy's negative impact on the thyroid....

Soy's Negative Impact on The Thyroid
Information on the negative effects that overconsumption of soy foods and isoflavones can have on thyroid health and function, including soy baby formula for infants.

The Downsides and Thyroid Dangers of Soy Products
The risk that soy products have for adults with thyroid disease, and particularly for infants on soy formulas, is discussed, including how much soy is safe to eat.

Interview: Larrian Gillespie, MD on Wt. Loss & Menopause
Larrian Gillespie, MD talks about how women with thyroid problems should eat in order to lose weight, the menopause/thyroid relationship, the controversial use of soy foods, and exercise.

Soy Online Service Best of the Net
The web's best, most in-depth scientific discussion and evidence of the negative health effects of soy products.

Soy, Thyroid and Menopause Information Center
In-depth look at the connections between soy products and thyroid problems, including journal research references.

Concerns Regarding Soybeans
Discusses issues regarding soybeans, and the safety of these products, including the benefits of fermented soy products. [Rheumatic Diseases Website]

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