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[MOL] Just found you!!!

Hi everyone!
I am just taking a quick moment to say hello to you. I just ran across
this site as I am about to leave my office.  I have to leave right now,
but I definitely will be back very soon! My adult son has just been
diagnosed with an inoperable anaplastic astrocytoma brain tumor deep in
the frontal/ temporal lobe of his brain. Needless to say I am
devastated!!! But, I refuse to give up, and so does he!!!! He has been
taking steriotactic radiation treatments for about 2 weeks. I just don't
know if it is going to do more harm than good. It is sooo hard to know
what to do. I would just like to know if there really is hope. I would
like to know if anyone has ever overcome something like this. My sister
in law is very unhappy that he is taking the radiation treatments and
possibly chemo.  Oh, here I am babbling on and on.....probably not
seeming too coherent. But I had to try.
Thanks for listening, and may God be with you,


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