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[MOL] grandfather

I have just found out my grandfather has adenocarcinoma non-small cell.
He had difficulty breathing in July and thought it a cardiac problem.
Again in Sept. he went back into the hosptial and they drained fluid off
his left lung discovering he had a mass sitting on the top of his left
lung near the chest wall.  The found out the fluid showed "no malignant
cells" but then did a biopsy by CT scan and found it to be
adenocarcinoma non-small cell.  He is 93 with a history of cardiac
problems, emphysema, mild CHF and some other health issues. Could anyone
give me advice on what to do or suggest to the Dr.'s, how fast this
progresses, what the course is and ANY other information.  WE love him
dearly and want to do all we can.  Again, any infomation from anyone
would be much appreciated.

Thank you,

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