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Hi everyone,

Well, hope everyone is ready for the weekend.  I have to work on
Saturday, but that's okay.  I get paid the big bucks!! (yeah, right!!)
Everyone knows if you work for a bank, the money stays in the bank.

John had his first visit with the doctor today since the end of round
one of chemo.  His white count had dropped to 200.  The doctor said he
had expected that to happen.  Now they should start going back up.  I
surely hope so.  He has no fighting ability.  His platelets were at
15,000.  So he got a transfusion of platelets. He was so funny.  When
the nurse brought the IV bag of platelets, John said, hey I though blood
was supposed to be red.  So the nurse took the time to discuss the
platelets, versus the red blood.
Also, they prescribed medication for the sores in his mouth.  The
insurance turned it down.  Do you know, John's nurse said enough is
enough.  She took it upon herself to call the insurance company.  About
thirty minutes later, I got a call to go get the medication, and the
insurance would cover it.  She is so sweet to help fight the battle for
me.  We are changing insurance the first of the year.  We have an HMO
right now.  We are going to a PPO and hope I don't get sick.  John has
Medicare as well, so he is covered for anything.

So that's our news for the day.  Please know you are all in our prayers
as we fight this terrible disease.

Gail & John

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