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Re: [MOL]Lillian and friends

Hi Vicci;
    You are going through such a tough time right now. The
best thing you can do is what you are doing, just reassuring
you are there for him and that he is not alone. There is not
much one can say in times like these. My prayers are with
you and family....Beav

Vicci Ewen wrote:

> Dear Lillian,
> This site tells exactly what Richsí chemo consists
> of. Heís been a pretty sick boy since the 9th of Sept. In
> the hospital w/ pneumonia and out of his head. They had to
> bring someone in to watch him at night as he was pulling
> on tubes etc. We were there during the morning and evening
> to keep his safe. We finally got him home the 16th and
> heís been on oxygen since. Just canít seem to catch his
> breath or stay oxygenated. He had two hard bumps on his
> head and they are going to do a needle biopsy to see if
> itís the cancer. His CT scan shows that the cancer in his
> lung and lining is shrinking but maybe itís growing
> elsewhere. His liver also shows a spot right in the middle
> and another scan performed two weeks latter (yesterday)
> shows that it has not grown or shrunk. Dr. thought that
> the spot could be from the pneumonia.
> Now we donít know. She is going to do an MRI on that
> area. So things are as grim as could be but we forge
> ahead. Our main problem is in his acceptance that he could
> die. We encourage him to fight as that is what he wants to
> do. But he knows it will be a very tough battle and he is
> getting very tired and has been so sick. We donít know the
> right words to comfort him and he doesnít want to talk to
> anyone as he feels itís hopeless and I know he  doesnít
> want to talk about it. We hug him and cry with him and he
> tells us he has so many things he wants to do with his
> life. God, thatís the toughest. Highs and lows and all we
> can do is be there for him. Thatís where we are right
> now. Thanks for listening and I hope that things are well
> for you and your family. Hello to all my other friends on
> MOL and my wish is that your journey is on an even keel
> right now. Love to allÖÖVicci
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