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Re: [MOL] Leaving for a short time...

So very welcome Dusti......Hope your not gone to long....I
too am going to be gone from Oct.2nd to the7th... Our apt.
complex is in the process of replumbing. When they were
built, a pvc (plastic) pipes were installed for plumbing.
Well not to long after they started cracking and it was a
court battle after that. This yr. our apt complex finally
began it's long process of replumbing. Our apt. starts on
Oct.2nd. We have to move into a guest apt. for a week. I
have been a total nervous wreck this week. This Jan. when
they started on their first bldg., the plumbers started a
fire from a welder torch and  30 families were without a
place to live. The bldg. was trashed. Then that bldg. again
caught on fire in March from the roofers. This time the
bldg. was still empty. It was quite a story for the media
though. Tuesday of this week our fire alarm went off and I
flew out the door to check on the workers, I saw no fire so
I thought everything was okay and went to apt. but then
maintenance banged on the door to make us evaucuate because
cause of alarm had not been determined. My poor husband was
completely sound asleep (8:30a.m.), it took us 7minutes to
get out. All I could take was him and the dog. Kitty had to
stay. I was so shook up. Luckily it was caused from a worker
breaking a water sprinkler which automatically triggers
alarm. It has woke me up as to making a plan to get more
things out like meds and the kitty... I will be very
grateful when they are done with this bldg. If anybody has
any extra prayers left over I could really use them!! We
could move but we are on a low income voucher and they are
really nice apts in a nice area. They just have the wrong
plumbing....Sorry this is so long...Your friend,    Beav

Barham, Dusti # IHTUL wrote:

> Hi MOL family,
> My job has offered me another position in a different
> department so I will be signing off for a short time while
> they configure my email to a different computer.  I will
> be thinking & praying for all of you.  I just get tears in
> my eyes thinking of the support that I so desperately
> needed and found here.  Thank you guys so much.
> Talk to you soon,
> Dusti

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