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Re: [MOL] Lung cancer...need some info please!

My father have the same ...We are trying everything ...

"Have you tried Oxygen therapy?
(Dr. Durt Donsbach) I think one of the most dramatic, was work with cancer
patients.  When you have a clinic in Mexico, you never see noncritical
cancer patients.  You only see the patients that every doctor has given up
on.  That has been surgically butchered, that has been chemically destroyed
and radiated and burned sometimes beyond recognition.  I have seen
individuals who have had their bowels fused with scar tissue from radiation,
who have had their total immune systems a lymph count of 5 or less when they
come down to see us.  We began to see these people turning around.  To get a
10% or 20% cure rate on patients like that is really quite good.  To get the
kind of results we started to see, was unbelievable.  I didn't publish them,
I didn't talk about them for quite some time.  I knew the bubble had to
break.  I knew there had to be something that would come in that would
destroy the elation I felt with what I was seeing.  I want to put a caveat
in here, right now.  We used a great deal more than just hydrogen peroxide
in our approach to cancer, as well as all the other chronic degenerative
diseases that we treat.  It is my opinion that hydrogen peroxide, because of
its great oxidative action, will assist the human body in destroying a
cancer cell.

Remember, according to Warburg and others, that cancer cells are anaerobic.
They function without oxygen.  They are not an oxygen-loving cell.  Oxygen
destroys anaerobic bacteria and anaerobic cells.

Initial "cleansing reactions" -- that mimic all the symptoms of past
illnesses, in reverse order -- are commonly reported in the early stages of
peroxide therapies.

"It becomes clear that two factors are associated with carcinogenesis:  One
is absence (or a very low concentration) of intracellular oxygen, and the
other is a high concentration of certain antioxidants.  The nature of these
antioxidants (AO's) is not known, but the most likely candidates are the
synthetic substances present in processed food products...  Such a condition
gives rise to a situation, in which no lipid peroxidation products are
formed, and thus no powerful cell division inhibitors are available."
"Rational For Treatment of Cancer with Ozone" by B. Lipinski, Ph. D.

"Cancer, above all other diseases, has countless secondary causes.  But
there is only one prime cause.  Summary:  The prime cause of cancer is the
replacement of the normal oxygen respiration of body cells by an anaerobic
cell respiration."  Otto Warburg, twice Novel laureate.

Donsbach states his dosage:
My suggested therapeutic maintenance dosage is 25 drops (of the 35% food
grade, diluted by putting it in a glass of pure water nonflouidated, before
you drink it.), twice a day.  However, many people do very well on 10 drops,
twice a day, or 15 drops twice a day.  My cancer patients, ONLY if they are
in active cancer, I put them on 75 drops, twice a day of 35% food grade
hydrogen peroxide.  We dilute that, obviously.

NOTE:  If 35% hydrogen peroxide is not diluted, it will burn you anywhere it
touches your body!  Also notice, that many advocate using it sparingly,
unless you have an actual illness.

A glass of water is six to 12 ounces of water or juice.  The more drops of
hydrogen peroxide, the more dilution you'll want.  One or two drops can be
put in water and you'll never know the difference.  It tastes just a little
bit flatter than normal, but other than that, you will have no change in
flavor.  Of course, the higher you get, the more change you will have.  With
75 drops you'll need to use maybe four to five glasses of water to dilute

The biggest side effect is that for some people, if they start too fast, the
elimination of toxins overwhelms their liver and kidneys and they
temporarily feel worse, rather than better.  I tell them, you have two
choices:  1) back off your dosage by half increments until you're not
feeling that way, or, 2) accept the fact that this is what's happening, just
pour the water and herb teas to yourself, and grit your teeth and go on.  It
won't last too long, a few days at most.  As far as serious side effects,

This is Glenn Lee speaking, I am not a doctor but I use Hydrogen Peroxide
35% food grade everyday.  I only use 10 drops twice per day in a glass of
distilled water.  I don't have cancer though.  If I get too much I sometimes
get canquer sores in my mouth.  That is the only thing I have noticed with
me.  Different people are different and it effects them differently.  I
would recommend though that you start small like say, 10 drops in a glass of
water per day for the first couple of days and gradually increase it to
about 25 drops twice per day in the first week and on up to 75 drops twice
per day until the cancer is cured and then drop back to about 10 drops per
day from then on and use it as is required.  I think this would work for you
as well as trying to get the Zapper built and use it too.

I don't know where you live.  Are you in the United States?  If so Lee's
Riteway Market has Hydrogen Peroxide that I purchase.  They are no relation
to me.  Maybe you could call them and have them ship it to you.  It costs
about $15.00 for a 16 Oz bottle.  Hydrogen peroxide has been accepted by the
food and drug commissions around the world, as a preservative.  As an
example; have you ever bought the juices off the shelf that are just in a
cardboard container, and they never go bad on you?  Do you know what
preserves them?  Hydrogen peroxide.  In Europe, the shelf life of milk is
kept for as long as three and four weeks, sitting on the shelf without
refrigeration, by using hydrogen peroxide.  I do not believe they can ban or
outlaw hydrogen peroxide.  We may have to play with the labeling.  you say,
they could classify it as a drug?  Sure, maybe.  It is classified,
technically, as a food or as a food additive, all over the world.  It would
take some major changing, I believe, to do that.  There are a number of
things, because of the simplicity of the compound; there may be ways of
bootlegging it.   Check your local health food stores most carry it or can
get it for you if you ask them.  I hope this helps.

Love and light,

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>My daughter was told that her lung cancer has spread to her brain and
>The doctors told her that the lung cancer was 15mm and inoperable because
>was pressing against the esophagus. She has undergone some radiation &
>chemotherapy treatments. Her recent tests came back and the doctors told
>that the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes and the prognosis was not
>We would like to receive a list of the best treatment center in world. Also
>any information regarding clinical trials would be appreciated.
>Thanks for any information,
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