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[MOL] Radiotherapy/Chemotherapy/Hormone Treatment May Prevent BreastCancer Relapses

Radiotherapy/Chemotherapy/Hormone Treatment May Prevent Breast
    Cancer Relapses
    [09/28/2000; Doctor's Guide]

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM -- September 27, 2000 -- New findings show that
adjuvant treatments prevent late relapses in breast cancer patients.

Breast cancer is an unusual disease because it can come back 10
or 15 years later. The new findings show that a lot of these
late recurrences can be prevented by adjuvant treatment with
radiotherapy, chemotherapy and, in particular, the hormone treatment

"This is the first time we've had good evidence on the effects
of treatment on 15 year survival", said Sir Richard Peto, Professor
of Medical Statistics at the University of Oxford, UK. He told
the 2nd European Breast Cancer Conference, Wednesday, 27 September:
"These results, from a worldwide overview of 300 randomised trials,
that included around 200 000 patients, are a lot better than
we expected. It seems that we can at last talk about real cure",
he said. 

"The best evidence on the extent to which better treatment is
saving lives is from the UK, where tamoxifen was widely used
from the 1980s, and where deaths from breast cancer in middle-aged
women have fallen by 30 percent over the past decade. It seems
as though several other European countries are now beginning
to follow in the same direction."

The next worldwide overview, in five years time, will show whether
these survival gains are still being maintained.

The full article can be found at:


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