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[MOL] Can anti-oestrogens prevent breast cancer?

Can anti-oestrogens prevent breast cancer? We'll know in five
    years says cancer specialist
    [09/28/2000; Eureka News Service]

Five years from now European cancer specialists should finally
know whether anti-oestrogen drugs such as tamoxifen and raloxifene
can prevent breast cancer and save the lives of women at high
risk of the disease.

Professor Trevor Powles from the UK's Royal Marsden Hospital in
Surrey told a news conference at the European Breast Cancer Conference
in Brussels that an overview of all the current trials of tamoxifen
and raloxifene will be possible in 2005.

This will allow full evaluation of the long-term effects of tamoxifen
and the newer drug raloxifene on breast cancer incidence and
mortality, and of the drugs' side-effects. It should also be
possible to identify which sub-groups of healthy women can gain
clinical benefit from these drugs.

"Until this is known, the general opinion of cancer specialists
in Europe is that it is not possible to identify any risk groups
of healthy women in whom use of tamoxifen or raloxifene prophylaxis
is justified at this time outside of clinical trials. That's
why it has not yet been licensed in Europe for use in a preventive

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