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[MOL] New Breast Cancer Drugs Better Than Tamoxifen

 New Breast Cancer Drugs Better Than Tamoxifen
    [09/28/2000; Reuters News Service]

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - A new class of drugs are better at treating
breast cancer than tamoxifen, the standard treatment for the
potentially deadly disease, researchers said on Thursday. So-called
aromatase inhibitors work by blocking the production of female
hormones known as estrogens, which are linked to the growth of
tumors. Two studies on Femara, made by Swiss drug giant Novartis,
showed it was better than tamoxifen as a first-line treatment
in older, post-menopausal, women, delegates at the Second European
Breast Cancer Conference were told. ``This is the first
time a hormonal agent has demonstrated clear superiority
to the standard treatment, tamoxifen, in one large head-to-head
trial,'' said conference chairman Professor Martine Piccart.

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