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Re: [MOL] chemo for lung cancer

Dear Enver:  I experienced a burning sensation -- very uncomfortable.  It 
frightened me until my oncologist explained it was the tumor shrinking.  She 
said it was all "pissed off."  She's a funny lady!  I did go through 
radiation -- 35 hits to the chest area.  It caused severe burns to my 
esophagus.  I had to be hospitalized and put on a feeding tube for a couple 
of weeks because I couldn't eat.  It was very painful, but it healed.  In 
June of 1998, I had a heart attack and required double bypass surgery because 
of radiation burns.  Believe it or not, it wasn't too bad.  The cancer 
treatment was worse!  This doesn't happen to everyone, though.  I wasn't 
crazy about the radiation therapist, and my oncologist wasn't too pleased 
with him, either.

So far, the cancer hasn't spread, and I've been cancer free for well over two 
years.  The doctor told me if I could make it for two years without a 
recurrence, she'd consider me cured.  Obviously, I have.  

I required a mastectomy in May of this year, but this was an entirely 
different situation-- a precancerous condition.  No chemo or radiation was 
necessary.  So far, so good.

I hope this has helped.  Tell your father to keep the faith.  This can be 

Kathy in Idaho
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