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[MOL] Hi, All..

Thank you for writing such nice notes to Jeff.  There is no new tumor...that
was the only part of the old tumors, left in my brain, which I am hoping to
have stereotacted.

I went to the hospital because of nausea, stomache pain and vomitting...I
had to go...could stand no more.  I am home now...I feel that very annoying
feeling of being too tired to do anything, and not tired enough to sleep.
Appreciate the prayers and good wishes; keep 'em coming.

I was x-rayed, CT scanned, MRI'ed...they even sonogrammed me from the
outside and the inside.  Couldn't find anything.  I was kind of hoping I had
gallstones or something.  Sometimes it's nice to know something...and
sometimes you have to just keep on keeping on.

I am certainly feeling better than I was a few days ago.  Love and prayers
to all,


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