[MOL] Adults with CML/Brest Cancer/Ovarian/Solid Tumors [01670] Medicine On Line

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[MOL] Adults with CML/Brest Cancer/Ovarian/Solid Tumors

If you are an adult with XML and would like to  participate in testing of STI-571 call the Novartis Clinical Trials @ 1-800-340-6843 or you can go to their site @http://www.pharma.novartis.com/research/index.html
Zometa Tumor-induced hypercalcaemia

Bone metastases treatment/prevention







PKC 412 Solid tumors oral >2003 II
Amdray Ovarian Cancer oral 2001 III
OncoLAR Breast Cancer intramuscular >2003 III
Femara Breast cancer(adjuvant and first line therapy) oral 2000 III
STI571 Acute lymphocytic leukemia and chronic myeloid leukemia oral 2001 II

Sourced from the 1999 Operational Review for Novartis.

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