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[MOL] Cancers: Skin/Breast/{rostrates/Arsenic Therapy////

FDA Approves Arsenic Therapy

WASHINGTON (AP) - A form of arsenic once used as insect poison
won Food and Drug Administration approval Tuesday as a leukemia
treatment after studies found small doses helped patients with a
rare but deadly form of the disease.

Researchers Find Higher Doses Of Radiation Help Some Prostate
Cancer Patients Live Longer

(ACS NewsToday) - Higher doses of radiation therapy help some
patients with localized prostate cancer to live longer, according
to a recent study.

"Booster" Doses Of Radiation Shown To Reduce Breast Cancer

(ACS NewsToday) - "Booster" doses of radiation after standard
radiotherapy following breast cancer surgery can substantially
reduce the chances of a recurrence in women treated for early
stage breast cancer, according to authors of a study presented at
the annual conference of the European Society for Therapeutic
Radiology and Oncology.


Australia Struggles To Control Skin Cancer Rates

(ACS NewsToday) - The world is watching the 2000 Olympics unfold
in Sydney, Australia - the country with the highest rates of skin
cancer in the world.


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