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Re: [MOL] leukemia/reply

Hi Betty

My dad has AML and received a stem-cell transplant last Tuesday.  We are on 
day 8 and all is well thus far.  What day is your fiancee on?  GVHD does not  
mean there is no hope.  A mild amount of GVHD is a good thing.  It helps the 
new cells attack any abnormal cells still left.

Was your finacee in remission prior to transplant?  Was his health otherwise 
good?  And most importantly, is his attitude positive?  Your message was 
brief, so excuse all these questions.  Has the cancer returned?  If so, to 
what extent?

I haven't been posting much lately but I always read all the post.  If I can 
help -- let me know.  Sometimes it's just nice to know others are going 
through the same thing and can understand what you are going through....

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