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Re: [MOL] Re: Some d300 meds. can damage your LINGS !!!!! / CHRIS

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<< im writing this because im afiend ,i have a 3.5cm mass in my right lung , 
 dont know how big that is saying it is ,at frist i said i would let them do 
 nothing to me ,but now im not sure ,judithmur >>

Judith, my father had a growth in one lung about the size of a walnut and 
smaller ones in the other lung.  At the time I wondered if doing nothing was 
better than the nasty treatments involved with lung cancer (or any form).  
The doctor said, "Doing nothing is writing a painful ticket to the grave.  
Doing the best you can and that we can is fighting for the best of all odds." 
Two years later, my father is still here. Without any treatment, he most 
likely would NOT be.  Lance Armstrong states the sentiments regarding his own 
survival.  -chris
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