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Re: [MOL] Hey there, I need help.

Hi Andrea.
This is Bridget here and I live in Halifax, N.S. but was living in N.B. when 
I was dx and rec'd my txs.
In response to your question, yes I do think we are lagging behind the 
Americans. Specifically, for patients who live outside a major centre, there 
is often considerable travel involved to receive treatment, especially 
surgery or radiation and/or long delays between diagnosis and treatment. In 
some cases, at least in N.B., I've recently been told that patients must 
travel to the U.S.A. (Maine) to receive txs because the waiting list is so 
long at home. In my own case, I had to travel to another province (N.S.) for 
my surgeries and another city (Saint John) for my radiation txs as it's not 
available in Fredericton where I lived.
Also, it is much more difficult to get in on any clinical trials in Canada 
than it is in the U.S. In some cases, this can make the difference between 
life and death.
Lastly, (and this may just be a matter of perception) the American Cancer 
Society seems to be much more involved and aggresive politically than here 
in Canada. In some places there aren't even any support groups for patients 
to attend and the Cancer Society doesn't seemed to be concerned by this. 
They should be.
As to what could be done the bottom line in most cases comes down to dollars 
and cents. There needs to be more funding for additional treatment centres, 
clinical trials and public awareness of what is available and being done. 
While I believe we are doing a pretty good job so far as research goes, this 
does little to help those of us who already suffer from the disease. Also, 
there appears to be an improportianate amount of funds being devoted to a 
few types of cancer and little available for other types. I believe there 
should be a better balance especially as it concerns more aggressive cancers 
that are often terminal if not treated quickly. Both the Canadian Cancer 
Society and the Gov't need to be more in tune to the needs of Canadians as I 
do not believe they are currently as conscientious as they should be.
Hope this is what you were looking for.

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>Subject: [MOL] Hey there, I need help.
>Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2000 14:41:28 -0400
>Hi everyone,
>This is Andrea Deschenes...I was a part of the forum last year when my mom 
>was diagnosed with colon cancer.  Unfortunately, she passed away this 
>I'm doing okay but I need you help now.  I'm in broadcasting at Ryerson and 
>I'm doing a story on Cancer and whether or not we, as a society of cancer 
>patients, are losing faith/confidence in our Cancer care systems.
>There is an article at called "Canada Lagging in Treating Cancer" 
>which pretty much states that Americans are fairing better than Canadians 
>in regards to survival rates.
>So, I would like to hear what you guys have to say.  You were always such a 
>great help to me when my mom was sick that I really value your opinions.  I 
>know that all your answers and/or opinions are sincere.
>Questions:  Are Canadians losing confidence in the national cancer care 
>system?  What problems do you see with the current system? and how can 
>these problems be improved?
>Please contact me at ASAP (as I have a 
>I appreciate your help very much and hope that everyone is doing as well as 
>can be expected.  The one lesson the forum (and thus, all of you in it) 
>taught me was to keep my chin up and always think positively.  I will never 
>forget that.
>Thanks for everything,
>Andrea Deschenes

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