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[MOL] Re: Some d300 meds. can damage your LINGS !!!!! / CHRIS

Chris, this blew my mind as three of my meds. are on this list.  For about
four year's now I have had shortness of breath, serious shortness of
breath.....Then tamoxifen has now been proven to induce asthma and I have
that also.  Then the steroids cause pulmonary edema and guess who has that
too?  I filled out the informational sheet to the doctor that is putting
this all together.

Remember I once wrote that for some reason I was seeing on line where Lung
Cancer Patients were getting lung fluid build ups  right in the hospital?  I
do believe it very well could have been drug related.

And you know I have scream, kicked and hollered about Taxmofen ever since
you came on line.  Boy this drug really does a number and a half....just
more and more comes out.  Take care of everyone, including yourself and
kitties.  Luv, u, lillian

> > http://ipn.intelihealth.com/IPN/ihtIPN?st=23883&t=7223&c=296162
> GOT IT Lillian!  -chris

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