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Re: [MOL] Re: [MOReply To Ken !

Title: Re: [MOL] Re: [MOReply To Ken !
So which is it? "Don" or "Ken"?  We have seen too many "snake oil" salesmen try to pitch their wares to hurting, vulnerable folks in this forum, and have absolutely no tolerance for it. I happen to know Lillian personally over a period of several years, and can speak to her integrity and relentless efforts to help other cancerers. Her credibility has been established the hard way -- she's earned it, in part as survivor of two cancers herself, in part due to her selfless efforts for others.  You come online with some song and dance about your "cure", referring us to some web page with ridiculous claims about this big cure-all, and are offended and hurt that we are not gullible and stupid? puh-leeze and boo-hoo! We are happy to hear genuine success stories. We are NOT INTERESTED in scammers and pretenders.


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Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 09:06:53 +1000
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Subject: Re: [MOL] Re: [MOReply To Ken !

I received your message and am devastated. With no evidence to support your comments, you accuse me of being : *an advertiser, * a pretender, * being sinful, * an old fashioned medicine man. The facts are: * I have tried the treatment the site offers ( <> ), on my squamous cell carcinomas(skin cancers) and it works just the way they describe! Are you trying to stop people being helped? I discussed your reply with friends ( two of whom tried my sample, again with 100% results), and they believe you work for the cancer industry. Is this true?
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Subject: [MOL] Re: [MOReply To Ken !

I rarely write to an advertiser, have no time for them.  Yet, yours really riled me.  You pretend to be a patient with a cure for cancer, playing on the heart strings of desperate people.  How sinful.  Then when one goes to the site thy claim this is the cure all and we know no one thing can be a cure all.  That's the old fashion Medicine Man, is that you?  I have forwarded your name to our list master for removal. Kindly do not e-mail this forum again.  lillian