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[MOL] p53 Is Essential for Chemotherapy-induced Hair Loss

looks like they may be making progress in preventing hair loss during
chemo...love and prayers, Joicy

ABSTRACT: p53 Is Essential for Chemotherapy-induced Hair Loss
    [09/26/2000; Cancer Research]

Anticancer drugs stimulate apoptosis in the hair follicles (HF)
and cause hair loss, the most common side effect of chemotherapy.
In a mouse model for chemotherapy-induced hair loss, we demonstrate
that p53 is essential for this process: in contrast to wild-type
mice, p53-deficient mice show neither hair loss nor apoptosis
in the HF keratinocytes that maintained active proliferation
after cyclophosphamide treatment. HF in p53 mutants are characterized
by down-regulation of Fas and insulin-like growth factor-binding
protein 3 and by increased expression of Bcl-2. These observations
indicate that local pharmacological inhibition of p53 may be
useful to prevent chemotherapy-associated hair loss.

The full article can be found at:


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