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In a message dated 09/26/2000 6:59:54 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

> Lillian,
>   I received your message and am devastated. With no evidence to support 
> comments, you accuse me of being : *an advertiser, * a pretender, * being 
> sinful, * an old fashioned medicine man. The facts are: * I have tried the 
> treatment the site offers (, on my squamous cell carcinomas(
> skin cancers) and it works just the way they describe! Are you trying to 
> people being helped? I discussed your reply with friends ( two of whom 
> my sample, again with 100% results), and they believe you work for the 
> industry. Is this true?-
    HOW DARE YOU insult Lillian? !!!!!!  You don't know anything about this 
group and my reaction was the same as hers as I'm sure many others here were. 
 With an email name like who do you think you are 
kidding? Not US!  -chris
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