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[MOL] Cervical cancer questions

Hello everybody. My gynecologist called me yesterday to inform that my pat 
did no come out normal. He explained that he needs to test with a microcope 
to see if there is any bad cell that we should be aware of. I am scheduled 
for this appointment for next week. 
Now, my question is once they do the test, how long does it normally take to 
get results, how acurate is this. I am 30 years old and just had my first 
baby 7 months ago, I honestly thought that a person my age should not have 
any worries. When I talked to my doctor on the phone I was in shocked and 
really could not ask him anything. In my family we have had a couple of cases 
of cancer (brain cancer, tumor, tyroids cancer, precancer cell in cervix) 
Does this put me in more of a risk?
Sorry for all these questions but I would like to have some information 
before my appointment. Maybe I can be sent to a website with more info.   :-) 

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