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Title: Lillian
Hi there.  I'm doing much better.  Mike has completely come to his senses (I hope).  He seems to have genuine remorse.  I am trying not to rub his nose in it.  I am just relieved right now that he is talking sense.  I really have a hard time w/ the fact that he checked out at such a TERRIBLE time for me but I have to remember that we are all human and looking back I know that I helped set the stage.  I took out alot of anger & fear on him but I thought I could.  I quit treating him like a man (in every way for quite a long time).  Oh well, it's a lot to deal with.  Thank you Lillian and many others that have written me with suggestions and/or thoughts.  I know God must have good things in store for me someday.  How is your Grandaughter doing?  Bless her.

Dusti Barham
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Your so kind and sweet to little old me!  You know I am just kicking butt with those two, shaking them loose , giving them a run for their money.  Or should I say setting them up?  LOL!
How are you doing girlfriend?  I am praying very hard....luv, u, lillian
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Your jokes are appreciated Lillian.  J