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Re: [MOL] From Chris - cancer has returned...

In a message dated 09/25/2000 5:38:55 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

> you know if your Dad and the rest of you could do it
>  once you can beat the odds again.  I have lifted all of you up in prayers.
>  Warmly, lillian
Thank you Lillian; prayers are *always* appreciated - more valuable than 
anything else in this whole world!  Weird as it sounds, the cancer isn't what 
frightens me's the chemo!  My father is still so weak from last time. 
 If they had said they were going to radiate this new growth, I would have 
every confidence that all would be well.  This time it will be for 6 wks (not 
6 months) and it will be a 1/2 hr job every week instead of the 2 hr one he 
had before.  Whether it will be gentler or not, I don't know; don't know the 
type this time, but that's my prayer.  That God will walk my father through 
this gently and tenderly.  -chris
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