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[MOL] Info. on Tamoxifen....

> We are finding more and more evidence that TAmoxifen is more of a
> concern than it may be of a benefit for treatment, after conventional
> therapy.  As a suggestion if you are thinking or have been advised to be
> treated with Tamoxifen, you may ask the Doctor about the risks and also
> ask him/her about substituting with Aremidex or Megace. They are a step
> up from Tamoxifen and may not be as harmful or harmful as is Tamoxifen.
> Long-Term Tamoxifen Increases Risk Of Poor-Prognosis Endometrial
> Cancer
> WESTPORT (Reuters Health) - Long-term use of tamoxifen to treat
> breast cancer increases the risk of developing endometrial
> cancers that have a poor prognosis, according to researchers in
> the Netherlands.
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