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[MOL] Non- Hodgkins lymphoma -Rituxin

Good morning,
I am a 46 yr. old female who just completed my first treatment of rituxin, have not had any chemo or any other
cancer medication.
A significant change from the beginning was during the first treatment - a strange reaction that included the spasming of my uterus similar to the effect of labor contractions - besides other strange reactions- I felt lots of pressure almost a bearing down feeling as in childbirth. In everything I have read I have never seen anything associated with what I felt. I also have gone into a full menstrual
period every week except after treatment 5, although 7 days after again began heavy bleeding again.
I am interested in knowing if there is a connection with this drug and the reproductive organs. The B cells are blood related and so
I was wondering if there has been any relational research done on the symptoms I am experiencing.
looking for help & understanding,
Theresa Lyon