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Re: [MOL] ????????

In a message dated 09/22/2000 10:35:40 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

> My husband was dianoised 2 mos. ago with cancer (6mm) tumor located in his 
>  left lung upper lobe.  Also, metatsis to his lymph nodes.  His full body 
> bone >  scan is clear along with skull scan.  Can you please help us??? We 
are in 
>  urgent need!!  Please reply ASAP!  God Bless you!      >  
Sincerely...Connie Bell

Connie, not sure what it is you need help with.  If it's hope - I can help 
there.  My father had a large tumor in his left lung (about walnut size) and 
just before surgery to remove part of that lung, they found more smaller 
growths in the other lung and nodes.  He was 75 then.  They removed the 
smaller growths instead of the larger lung resection and followed up with 
chemo, radiation, and now thalidomide.  He has been cancer-free since about 
March and is now 77 years old!  The surgery was terrifying, the chemo was 
brutal, the radiation was much easier, and the thalidomide makes him groggy 
but seems to keep the cancer at bay.  We are hoping the worst is over - it 
was indeed darkest before it dawned for our family.  God bless you both; and 
believe me, God blessings are the strength we leaned on to get us through!  
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