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Re: [MOL] Dusti-update

    I am so very glad that you are still sharing here on the
mol.. Just a thought but I would have your hubby take blood
tests too. Who knows what this gal has been running around
with.. Something your husband may not have thought about. I
wouldn't even trust him if he said he used protection. Best
of luck to you.. My brother went through this with his wife,
not for any particular reason but she started cheating on
him. He packed her things up and through them out in the
yard. She came begging back and he chose counseling and
things have worked out really well for them. They too had a
son who was ill for all of his 16 yrs. who crossed over last
summer. It has been really tough but counseling, for the
most part is what has saved their marraige. They still
really care about each other. I think they are closer then
they have ever been. Life is never dull is it?  Your
friend,   Beav

Barham, Dusti # IHTUL wrote:

> Hi friends,
> Just wanted to drop a line out there to my friends and let
> you know that things are getting better in my world.  Not
> perfect by any means, but improving.  My husband has sent
> his homewrecking slut packing.  Do I sound bitter?
> Seriously, they shacked up for 8 days before he came to
> his senses.  Now comes the real test and that is if he
> sincerely has the commitment to earn his place back in our
> family.  I have set boundaries and will not allow him back
> in our home for at least six months.  We are going to try
> and date again.  I hope it works but I also know that
> hoping has no power.  I am realistic about this
> situation.  It is going to take a lot more than dating and
> he has agreed to counseling and to meet with our pastor.
> This is humiliating for him but he did it to himself.
> Wish me luck friends, I'm going to need it.
> For those who do not know me, I am sorry to muck up the
> airwaves of this cancer forum w/ my personal problems but
> I became very close to the molers during my Mother's
> battle with cancer and have remained online for the
> camaradirie, support and information.
> Warmest Regards,
> Dusti

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