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[MOL] Please help

my father has been diagnosed this week with leukemia. 
He is 64 years old and he lives in India and I'm in
US.  He just had 7 bypass surgeries performed this
past april, with success.

Now this.....The other is that my father does not
know.  How do you take some one thru the process of
telling them they have cancer. He's very emotional and
the slightest of information he breaks down as he did
after his bypass surgery.

at this stage of the disease is there anything that
can help rebuild the reb blood cells.  MY mother asked
 of bone marrow treatment but they said at this stage
its of no good. And they said it was a miracle he
survived this long without medication.

They've now prescribed him a medication that they also
give to breast cancer patients it was a 3 dose
medication one a day. ( we are not sure of the
prescription name) He sounds much better today on the
phone.  they will perform another test on Sunday
getting result on Wednesday 27th sept. to see how the
medication worked.

Can some one with this disease be able to travel such
as distance from India and stay a few months.  He
wants to come here to me and my family.  Is this not

Is there some thing out there that we can research and
recommend as alternative treatment?. and has there
been miracles at this stage of the disease.

some one please respond.

thanks Rohit

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