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[MOL] Radiation boosts local control in early breast ca....

ISTANBUL--A radiation boost of 16 Gy following lumpectomy and radiotherapy appears to reduce
recurrence of early breast cancer.
In a randomized study of 5,318 women who had a lumpectomy plus 50 Gy of
radiation, those who also received an additional 16 Gy boost had a five-
year recurrence rate of 4.3%, said Dr. Harry Bartelink of the Netherlands
Cancer Institute and colleagues from the European Organization for
Research and Treatment of Cancer.
This compared with a five-year recurrence rate of 6.8% among those who did
 not get the additional radiation, the group told the European Society for
Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology meeting here this week. There were 109
tumors in the boost group and 182 among those given no boost.
The boost group had a 95% local-control rate, and a 91% survival rate at
five years. Women under 40 benefited most from the additional radiation.
Their recurrence rate fell from 20% among those who had standard treatment
to 9% in the booster group.
Patients will continue to be followed to see whether the extra radiation
reduces mortality in the long run. Though delivery of a boost is standard
practice in the U.S., no prospective randomized trial has validated it.
Dr. Anthony V. D’Amico of Harvard’s Joint Center for Radiation Therapy
sees the results as promising, but he cautions that the five-year follow-
up is a little short for drawing conclusions.
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