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Re: [MOL] Prayers today please

In a message dated 09/22/2000 6:52:35 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

> Hi Chris. Have you tried phoning his office and asking for the results? 
>  might put them on the spot. And even if they don't want to tell you over 
> >  phone they might be inclined to move the appt forward. Anyway, thought 
>  might be worth a try. I find it absolutely appalling for a doctor to 
> >  that kind of inconsideration.
>  My prayers are with you and your dad that when the results are received 
> >  become a cause for celebration. >  Your friend,>  Bridget

Oh, Bridget - that's the *least* of what we've been through in the last 2 yrs 
with her! But my father IS 1/2 the problem, because he forbade her to tell us 
anything.  While I can understand her predicament at that point, it's still 
no excuse to let him off the hook.  She should be telling him how important 
it is for his family to be involved (esp. considering his age and lots of 
*other* health problems too).  Together my father and stepmother have about 
10 diff doctors and about 30 medications to take; that's alot of info for two 
people to keep straight when both are ill and being in their 70s doesn't make 
it any easier for them. I don't want to bore you and others here who have 
already heard this history over...and over...and over again.  But I do wish 
to thank you for your prayers and support.  -chris
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