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[MOL] Brand NEW $1000 FREE Satellite System

FREE SATELLITE T.V. SYSTEM For a limited time we'll give you this top of the line Digital Satellite System for FREE! We'll even include Free installation! Enjoy over 500 Channels of Quality Digital Television on your FREE Satellite TV System. Why pay over $900 retail for these items, when we're giving you this satellite package for free. This Innovative 18" Satellite has interactive T.V capabilities, on screen graphics, channel guide, stereo receiver and infrared remote. For less than the monthly cost of cable tv, Satellite television offers over 500 channels of all digital video and cd audio sound, while not missing out on local channels. Call 888-514-6881 to Arrange For Your Free Installation Today! To be removed send email to eliminiate12@yahoo.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------ This is an automatically-generated notice. If you'd like to be removed from the mailing list, please visit the Medicine-On-Line Discussion Forum at , or send an email message to: majordomo@lists.meds.com with the subject line blank and the body of the message containing the line: unsubscribe mol-cancer your-email-address where the phrase your-email-address is replaced with your actual email address. ------------------------------------------------------------------------