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Re: [MOL] Grieving.....

In a message dated 09/18/2000 4:53:04 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

> Feeling Like an Orphan- -Does anyone else get the feeling
>  that people are really there for you in the beginning,
>  but after a few weeks, they really don't want to hear that
>  you are still sad and grieving? Hardly anyone even asks me
>  how I am doing, and if I bring it up, I feel like I am
>  depressing them, and that they feel I should be over it by
>  now. In my moments where Iam able to push my sadness out of
>  my mind, I never want to appear "too happy", or
>  else people may think I am completely over the loss of my
>  parents. LSC5751
Sure do - and in most cases people (my boss mainly) will tell me "get over 
it" or "getta grip"...and I'm not grieving the loss of my father, but the 
loss of his health and a healthy relationship with him. -chris
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