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Re: [MOL] Beav/Lillian reply

Most definately Pat!!  Even though he is young, if he is
always real mellow then that isn't a problem. Some problems
I've noticed people doing is they start graining their horse
and not excercising him so they tend to get pretty friskey
with grain. Most horses don't need grain, just good hay or
pasture. I love the grulla's!! A pro cowboy on the prca
circuit has a horse named cadillac. He is very smooth to
ride and is a working machine!!  He sounds really good
personality wise, you should have alot of fun with
him......Most horses that I know would not let a dog lick on
them or follow that closely. Sounds like he is a special
horse that was ordered just for you!!!    Your friend,  Beav

Pat Kimmi wrote:

>   OK...I am so excited....Cadillac is  4 year old
> unregistered  grulla quarterhorse; very calm. Still was
> very nervous riding him but think as we get used to each
> other he will work out fine. He is 14.3 hands; just a mite
> bigger than I expected but he seems to be a gentle giant!
> The people had a young boxer pup who was licking the
> horses front legs as he just stood there  and my son told
> me as I was riding Cadillac around the yard, the boxer was
> hanging from the horse's tail. Now, is that calm or what.
> The owners assured me he has never bucked, kicked, reared
> or run away with anyone. Almost like he has no
> personality, nothing seems to bother him, but he will get
> up and move if you want him to. He was used on trail rides
> a lot and their 5yr/o son rode him alone in round pen or
> with adult present in yard. Does it sound like I made a
> wise choice?? Hope so; really prayed about this.  Thanks
> ladies for your interest.  Your fellow horse-nut
> Pat Kimmi-KS

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