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[MOL] FW: Cool Site: The Face Generator

Check this out - its fun!!


Cool Site: Face Generator

Um, this site freaks me out just a teensy bit but I gotta 
say I still like it. I like it lot. The name explains it 
all, really: you get to feel very powerful and create all 
kindsa new and strange looking human faces. You start off 
with a normal looking photo of a fairly normal looking dude, 
but then you give him someone's else's eyes or shrink his 
nose or give him some big fat lips. And you end up with 
a face that nature certainly never intended. (That's when 
things get a little weird, but it's a smashing good time, 
I promise.) I, myself, enjoy making all of the boys look like 
Kewpie dolls, but that's just a personal preference, really.

Check it out here:


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