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FW: [MOL] Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000 08:45:36 -0400

Judith, Hi, and welcome to the forum.
I can only really answer the first part of your question.  You are already
joining in the discussion right now.  What happens is each time you send an
e-mail to the address, it gets delivered to everyones inbox that is listed
on the forum.
Sometimes, you can end up with many messages, as all messages are posted.
I've found the most effective way of using the forum is putting wither
someones name in the subject line, or type of cancer/information you either
want or want to share.  This way, others can whizz through the list, and
pick out what they need.
This is if not one of the best, but the best place to find help, support,
comfort and information about cancer, care and treatment.  I was a carer for
my grandmother who had bowel cancer, and underwent a re-section operation,
and Chemotherapy and radiotherapy.  What sort of treatment has your
doctor/consultant advised so far?
I'm sure there are many people in this group who will be able to advise
Welcome and enjoy.

David (UK)  
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Good morning all...
I am a new subscriber and would like to join the discussion group and am not
sure just how to do that (I am a novice computer user).  
I am a metastatic colon cancer patient and am now facing choosing treatment
options..  would like to know what others have experienced.
Thanks much
Judith T.

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