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[MOL] Bridget

Read your note about not having children.  It may be a blessing, really...

I have one grown son (27 yrs) and one sister.  She did not have any children 
either because her husb. didn't *want* any, though she did and it broke her 
heart.  I wanted two, but was divorced before that could come about and when 
my son was only three yrs. My sister was his godmother (she was only 17 then) 
and has been an intrinsic part of his life ever since.  My son once said she 
was "...the father he hasn't had!" :)  Truly, she shared in raising him (just 
as we shared my dolls cause she didn't want any of her own) as children.

Anyway, my son moved out a year ago (w/ his girlfriend) after an arguement at 
home and he hasn't spoken to me in a year.  He still stays in touch with her 
and my parents, so at least I know he's OK that way.  It TOOK the TWO of us 
to raise him, Bridget; it really did!!  So God really knows what He's doing 
in that department.  :)
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