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RE: [MOL] Bridget,Chris,Kathleen,Lillian

Title: RE: [MOL] Bridget,Chris,Kathleen,Lillian

Maybe in time I will be angry.  Right now I am just sad that he made such a dumb choice.  I thought he & I shared the same values and maybe we did at one time.  I know that he will never be able to be proud of who she is and that will eat on him.  It is still hard to believe that he would give us up so easily.  He always made me feel like there would never be anyone else for him.  Unfortunately, this really reveals a lot about his character and I refuse to stick my head in the sand.  It took a whole lot of deceit to pull this off & the fact that he actually was able to do it bothers me.  I know he is already sorry, he came over & cried earlier this week & said he knew that he would never have anything that precious to him again.  I was good to him and he could always trust me.  I would never abandon my child on the 'hope' of a married man, what an idiot she must be!  I just hope that I can behave with dignity when our paths cross because they will.  My son is playing flag football & Mike will be going to his games.  She will get tired of sitting at home by herself.  She doesn't know a soul in town so Mike is at the center of her life.  It's just enough to drive me crazy!  Thank you guys for your support, I really appreciate it.  I'll keep you posted.