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Re: [MOL] Dusti

Dear Dusti:  I simply cannot believe this!!!  That someone would do this to 
you!  It makes me sooo angry.  You knew, didn't you, that my ex carried on an 
affair the entire time I was going through treatment, and that I caught him 
in bed with another woman just as I was coming out of it?  This is different, 
though.  He and I had no children together, and I'm not the young lovely you 
are.  How could he do this?  This woman actually left her child behind?  What 
are these people thinking?!!!!  I am so terribly sorry, Dusti.  Fortunately, 
you are young, strong, brave, smart, and lovely.  You'll do fine, although I 
know that's hard to believe right now.  He'll regret this -- I promise you.  
My prayers are with you, dear -- as if you hadn't already gone through 
enough!  Wish I had a voodoo doll and knew what he looked like.

Love, Kathy (Kathleen) in Idaho
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