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[MOL] Bridget,Chris,Kathleen,Lillian

Title: Bridget,Chris,Kathleen,Lillian

Girlfriend, if you only knew how bad I need this boost.  I haven't revealed this yet because I am still reeling but I found out a week after Mom passed that my husband has been carrying on an affair w/ some girl he met on the road (he is a weekend musician).  He actually has moved out and moved her down here.  She left her 5 yr. old son w/ her family in Kansas.  I just can't believe he threw our family away for that trash.  He is just so mixed up and I am so disappointed. We have been together through thick and thin for 8 years and I believed he loved our little family.  He loved my Mom.  I think the cancer may have been too much reality for him.  I don't know, I'm just trying to keep it together for our son.  I am truly disappointed, I thought we shared a special love.  The last few months though, I was over taking care of Mom.  What could I have done?  He really is not thinking straight and will be the real loser in the end.  He just can't see it right now.  Hopefully, he will do right by Chance.  Pray for me guys, I've lost Mom & him and it has been real tough.