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Re: [MOL] Carol

Hi, Carol:  The depression is definitely debilitating, and we're stymied.  
The doctors are trying everything -- but nothing seems to work.  It's almost 
as if she WANTS to be this way!!  It gets frustrating at times, because 
physically, she's in fairly good health, aside from the normal aches and 
pains an 80 year old is bound to experience.  In the meantime, Dad has had 
two heart attacks, a quintuple bypass, emphysema, etc., and has the sunniest 
disposition in the entire world!  Don't know how he manages.  

You're right -- I'd better have nothing to hide, because everyone in this 
town DOES know everyone else's business.  I never thought my mom was a 
gossip, but guess what?  She knows everything about everyone, too.  So far, 
however, nothing has happened to me that would interest anyone but me!  LOL

Love, Kathy in Idaho
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