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Re: [MOL] Dusti

Hi, Dusti:  It's great to hear from you.  You certainly deserve a treat 
----go for it!  So far, I haven't had any complications.  In fact, I've been 
so busy, I haven't even thought about myself.  My poor mother is going 
through some very severe depression.  We don't know whether it can be treated 
or not.  It's pretty miserable for my dad, and not a lot of fun for me, 
either.  I'm glad I'm here, though.  He'd have a hard time without me, I 
think.  I'm gradually getting used to it here.  It'll take awhile.  Culture 
shock, you know -- moving from a city of over 250,000 (about a half million 
in the metropolitan area).  Not large by most standards, but big enough.  
Glenns Ferry has 1300 people!!!!  Now 1301.  LOL

Love, Kathy
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