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Re: [MOL] Hello, Bridget (and Everyone Else)

It's so wonderful to be back online.  I'm all moved in to my new little home 
in Glenns Ferry -- a very small town right on the banks of the Snake River.  
It's lovely here.  Very quiet and non-stressful.  I think I'm going to go to 
work in the medical clinic here, but I'm not sure.  They need an experienced 
secretary (and boy, am I experienced!!!)  I plan to do my paralegal work on 
the side, if I can arrange that.  Fingers crossed.  I live right next door to 
my parents, and our yards sort of blend in to each other.  We call it the 
Clark Compound, not to be confused with the Kennedy Compound.  There's very 
little resemblance!  Anyway, it's so nice to be back.  I've missed you all!  
Lil -- if you're "eavesdropping," -- how about an update on everyone!

Love, Kathy in Idaho
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