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Re: [MOL] side effects - can you help?

Chris - Thank you!
Your dad is cancer-free, what a blessing.  I know there are so many who
become cancer-free... oh how wonderful it is to hear about them!

Nobody seems to understand the salt???  The docs and nurses all say they
have heard of the bland and metallic tastes but a strong salt taste is new.
He liked salt too. This is so strong that he can't stand to eat or drink.
His appetite has not diminished but the salt is soooo strong it is
unbearable.  Even with nothing in his mouth he has the sensation of salt
pouring in from the sides of his mouth.  Yet his mouth stays dry due to the
radiation and temporary (hopefully) inactive salivary glands.  He isn't
dehydrated - yet.  He drinks about a half gallon of water per day and
receives fluids through the iv daily.  Right after chemo when the vomiting
is so bad, he can't even keep water down.  Looses much weight during the
days following chemo and it doesn't come back.  He's becoming frustrated and
has began saying its probably all in his head.

Yes - my dad is experiencing the most severe nausea on day 2, 3, and 5.
Strange!  Trying new meds.  Going for Zofran (sp?) and Ativan this time.  I
will mention the warm beer.  I'm sure he'll be happy to try that one.

Thanks again for the words of encouragement.  We all know it will get worse
before it gets better.  We've started the count down on radiation AND chemo
together - only 16 left.  Then three months of only chemo.  Dad mentioned to
the hematology oncologist yesterday that he hoped the radiation was
responsible for most of the side effects and it would get better when he's
just on chemo.  The doc didn't agree and told him to think of this as a
marathon and we are approaching the mid way mark.  Dad didn't say anything -
but I know the last miles are the worst in a marathon.  We keeping looking
to that light at the end of the tunnel!

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