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Re: [MOL] Information needed - thyroid...

About thyroid.  Back in the 70s I had what was called Graves disease.
That is where you are hyper- thyroid.  I took meds for 7 years, then the
medication could not hold it any more.  I was about as close to a
nervous breakdown and suicide as I ever want to get.  I spent many a
night in ICU because my heart would not beat correctly and I was wound
so tight I was close to hysteria.    My kids would not touch me if I was
sleeping ( which was not to often) because I would turn a blue grey and
they were afraid I was dead.  Great thing for kids to go through!
  THe thyroid controls so many body functions when it goes haywire your
whole system goes with it.  I shook so badly I could hardly stand up.
   I finally gave up and had it burned out with a radio active cocktail.
Now I have to take 175 mcg of synthroid every day. It took a long long
time to  get adjusted as to the amount.
  I guess the point of this whole thing is ; don't mess with the
thyroid, it can kill you!

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