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[MOL] Scientists Start Spending Breast Cancer Stamp Cash

 Scientists Start Spending Breast Cancer Stamp Cash
    [09/07/2000; Reuters News Service]

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. government researchers said on Wednesday
they had started spending the proceeds from a special breast
cancer stamp, handing out grants to scientists studying tumor
genetics, diet, and how cancer is treated. The National Cancer
Institute (NCI) said it had awarded $6.7 million in grants to
more than 30 researchers -- all of it money raised by the U.S.
Postal Service's special-issue breast cancer stamp. ``There are
over a dozen critical areas of breast cancer research that will
benefit from this innovative funding and help us answer some
scientific questions, as well as set up research opportunities
for the next five to 10 years,'' NCI director Dr. Richard Klausner
said in a statement. The stamp, first issued in 1997, was the
first to be dedicated to raising funds for a special cause. Each
stamp sold for 40 cents raises 7 cents for research. Sales have
generated more than $15 million.

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